Friday, March 20, 2009

omnitrix whaaa

felt like blogging tonight so yeah, ahaha,
but hell, i don't know what to blog about, oh wait
i know! harini aku titibe minat lagu plain white t's yg 1234 tu doh ,
haha i know, jiwang, but i feel happy listening to it,

and bila dah suka dgar for sure dah boleh main kat guitar en haha, dah , dah reti main dah :)

okay, moving on, so today went to kompleks belia dan sukan,
played rugby, yadayadayayda, muz got a slap on the tummy, haha
err, tht's it i think, and yeah, talked about ben 10 with dollah

rushed home, for the sake of watching ben 10 alien force hah, eh cite tu best laaaa!
OMG, alien X ? gaaaaah :DDDD

okay, alien X is one of the 10 aliens ben can change to in ben 10 alien force, haha, aah forget it, bukannye korg faham pon haha

dah, i'm bored, i bet you are too. oh, here's alien X :D