Thursday, March 19, 2009

waaaaaaaay down memory lane

i spent the whole night reading through old comments on myspace,
and yeah, people do change, kinda sad though,
and there were some funny old comments, the awkward "thnks fr th add" "cmmnt me back" yadayada,
haha and there were a lot of people who used to talk like,
"TgAh wAT PerWWWW?~" okay those kind of people are not on my friend list anymore haha
to tell you the truth, my friend list was filled with those kind of people haha,
zaman jahiliah, sorry la mane tau lagi betul salah haha

and yeaaah, i read the comments that alani sent me during the good old drama days of 08 , and she was like this baik-gila-kindof-kakak-person haha . damn, i miss the old days laa, where like alani'll call me monkeybutt, fishbrain and stuff haha, eventhough those kindof things are like mean , it's still fun haha, birdbrain, here's one of the cmmnts from lanee balonee
this week i hv tennis trnmnt.
akk forgot to tell sindu.
die mrh tak?"

yeah, dulu dia refer kan diri dia sebagai 'akak' haha, kk nuff said,
sape lg, err, browsing...browsing...
omg, i used to send comments to my little sister, hahahah
err, what else, yeah, the first comment zaza sent me
"chomel? ahaha.

walawey. kamu memuji. ;)"

haha the 'walawey' word dah pupus dah haha, seriously, do you actually see anyone use walawey anymore these days? haha. if you ask me, no ,haha,

okay la, if i keep going on u'll probably shoot me haha. so i'll end my post until here,
and the tags keep comin in, stop tagging meeee! please?


FLMP™ said...

what the hell? akakkk?! HAHA.

okay la. since you miss all those name calling,

later butthead.

Ahmad Hisan said...

yeaaaaaaaaay! bluebutt called me butthead :)