Sunday, February 15, 2009

spooots deyy


okay sports day was fun. seriously, it was fun .and yeah, the twins kept taking photos of people and making them wear the 'infamous yellow specs'. other than that, i got high for no reason, :DDDDD i was screaming, and jumping and grinning, aalaaaa you know la kan, how high people act :D okay so seng long won the overall thingy, and the perbarisan results were

"NGO - Puteri Islam.. watafuk?
GO - police cadet ..mcm bese
Rmh Sukan - Meade?"

yes izzul, aku tibai from blog kau :DDD anyhooo, i'm still peeved because meade won the best tent thingy and lanee was soooo pissed, that abdul malek didn't win the best tent. kan lanee? and they say that the reason why meade won was because the school was kesian, sbb meade x menang anything pfffffffft, oh yah, stole this from FLMP's blog :D

and yeaaah, my ETBAC's busted, thnks syahmi "-_- and i got pwned by my mummay "-___-

and yeah, i think school's stupid. ade ke patut suruh budak ddk kat tgah2 panas. pfft, noodles nye sekolah

okay so that's it la, for my spoooots dey summary, till then, toodles

*note, ETBAC stands for , Easy To Bring Anywhere Camera