Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sekolah menengah kebangsaan king george V has lost it

the lips were intentional

tuesday, and school's like FUdGE . prefects were lining up at the laluan keselamatan. damn, and then assembly time, and encik Shangar is the new cikgu ape tah pemimpin pelajar. and he made this new rule that before,during,after the perhimpunan, the pengawases will say, "JAGA SEDIA! SENANG DIRI! " and the kids will like have to be in the kawad standby position. WTF? ngeh and waktu nak balik, mcm banyak GILA pengawas , tgk kiri, 5-6 org, tgk kanan, 5-6 orang. i'm telling you, if i see another row of blue shirts jaga-ing, i'll go kabbloooey "-_- fcktard school.

okay nevermind. i'll keep the rest of my complaints to meself :) so drama was fun, it rained heavily today, and yeah, that's it.