Friday, February 13, 2009

eve of sports day 09

okay hello munchkins :) tommorow's our ( smkkgv ) annual sports day. but unfortunately, cikgu adam said that ALL of us had to wear the school t shirt, and no fashion shows are allowed. haha padan muke ! so nak tak nak, pakai je la t shirt sekolah kaaan? ngeh . and for sre, tommorow the school field'll be packed with ex-georgians wohoo. and as usual, the KSF kids will be taking photos with their big fat black chunky big lens-y heavy DSLRs. and nikon guy, kalau terasa, ur welcome :) and a few other tukang gambars. okay so later story la.

so today friday , i wanted to skip school, because of yesterday's 'injury' :) but x dpt. damn it so went to school, and looky looky, there were like only 1/4 of the kids in class, and seperti biasa, akan adalah sesi mengukur sekolah :) oleh para2 sahabat. okay BM played what ah? sumting with peribahasas la. ngeh wtvr, and seriously, kh was sooooooo boring :| and i hate the bengkel, stuffy nak mampus .

okay, so tommorow, for sure, you'll see me at school, wreaking havoc i suppose. and maybe doing some publicity stunts haha naah kidding.

go SENG LONG go ? :)

wtvr . toodles minions :)