Wednesday, February 11, 2009

heww yeaah

rawr. me monstaaah

okay so today, the drama club went to istana budaya to watch PGL ( puteri gunung ledang ) and heeellll yeaaah, 4 thumbs up :)
no need to tell you why cause, some people already tulis about PGL rite? haha, okay so, i didn't go to school ,technically i did, but i left school :D so 8 o' clock, depart, arrived at IB at around 10 sumting cos' we stopped at an RnR , breakfast, then damdamdum, QnA with the staff of IB, went to muzium seni (?) and then had lunch, and tadaaa, showtimee , blablalalb no eating, no ape tah, kecoh je makcik guard tu, podaaa laaa, and oh yah, i sat in between ashok and alani, and at the end of the show, we ( me and lanee), were like, screaming our lungs out haha, and lanee lost her voice :)

so went back to the bus, and ed gave me and aidil skittles, the sour skittles, "-_- and me and aidil were like squinting, twitching,geliat-ing and other uncomfortable movements by the body haha and nak balik traffic jam

okay dah, curfew 1030pm, nitee :)