Sunday, January 4, 2009

three cheers for school ! hip hip hoooliao

hey peeps. school starts tommorow. yeay :\ and mummy told me that i've to get up by 6.15! :o nevermind. so today was the last day of THE school holidays. so woke up, atok alang came. along with uncle thaqif,aunty elly and her husband and aunty naqyah. oh and acu was here too. and amirul and aunty aiza. played with acu's psp, and ate cendolll. okay yada yada yada then off i went to bola. played as usual and then burgered azwar. vid later . and azwar's going to VI tommorow. bodoh. ngeh wtvr.

went home, ate maggi , watched minutemen , ate nasik , and done. and i'm sleeping late tonight. bola.

okay so happy schooling dudes and dude-ettes. signing off