Thursday, January 8, 2009


yo ! almost a week since school opened woo. ngeh at least this year punye class best la dpt sensei rashid yeaah jd form teacher. and cuak's in the same class as i am damn. i kept saying the F word these past few days haha like at the end of every sentence i'll say like oh F! haha. trust me, it's really annoying.

okay umm oh yeah. nak masuk ninjutsu! haha seriously :|

aand the kids tht got a free haircut from teachers always complain " weh san, ko lepas? asal rambut ko x kene ptg ha?" and i HAHA-ed all my way to class woot. and i look like a fookin' nerd weh at school haha. kan? ngeh

okayh, see ya peeps. bree!