Friday, January 9, 2009

save gaza

greetings. hisan here. oh and i'm sure everyone knows what my title's trying to tell right?

lately, the news kept showing stories about the bombings in gaza.and many are doing they're part in helping them gaza people. there are lots of ways in helping them,, either giving donations to certain funds etc.but the least we can do is just you know, pray for them. pray tht the violence will stop as soon as possible and that the whole world'll unite against the bombings :)


okay so moving on with the day's activities. woke up, bathed, school. the assembly today was quite ermm, amusing? haha. not gonna tell you people why. because of waterface copyrights :) okay then went to rumah sukan briefing thingy, seng long (red) yeay me haha. ketua rumah sukan yada yada yada went to class, claimed my nasik lemak from shahran, recess. ate the nasik lemak, went to dewan, to curik2 tengok the orientasi thingy haha. cool weh. cinderFAILURE? haha wtF? okay, went to class, no learning for agama today, chit chat, went home, played with hair in car ride home. friday prayers, and online.

whoooh haha. and then watched ben 10 alien force ! hooo yeaaaah. who knew, tht ben wasn't the only dude who can turn into aliens haha. okay, and finished the day with apam balik and cold water :)