Saturday, January 10, 2009

saaaave the chipmunks !

okay, no kaitan langsung the title haha

okay so woke up at 130, tv tv tv ps2 mkn power rangers, and bola :D

so played with moo's pistol maenan. seronok oh haha. but i was the target. shit saket . so tembak tembak tembak, bato came, then ata came . so played bola kot. then played with pistol some more, and then tragedy happened haha

this was before my oh so graceful fall. haha. i was running then i slipped, and fell. and yeay me, i fell on a bunch of rocks haha

while all or them were ROFL-ing, i was ROFOuching haha

okay so this is the vid after tragedy struck haha and as u can see, the vid's like moving around a lot, cos i was tempang-ed(?) at the time haha

ngeh, blablabalbal went home, online. okayh. tata