Monday, January 12, 2009

i hate mondays

tally hooo. so today's assembly, was quite short? haha. our 'beloved' headmaster's speech was like really short oh ( really short as in 9 minutes. usually his speeches would take as long as 15++ minutes ) haha. so moving on,

had swim meeting sumting sumting, then went to class. had geo, faris got cubit-ed by cikgu adam, okay and no kh today, mr shangar was absent . then recess, ate , bullied fafa haha sorrray :D and then science. and seriously, cikgu murni is like sooooooooooooooo ( i could go on forever ) ooooooooooooo ( okay , i'll stop here haha ) boring. ngeh. the only thing i heard comnig from her mouth was blabablalablablablablablablabalbalablaba haemoglobin balblabalblbalablababalbalabla red blood cell yadayadaydadyaydyadyayda okay la. conclusion is, i didn't learn any science today.

then english, sensei rashid came, gave out a form , about PMR sumting blablabal and he said cross country's on saturday. woohooo. okayh, damdam dum, went home, went back to school , got some swim training yadayada , jogged, and maaan penat nak mampus haha. swam 32 laps pfffft then went home and thy head was like pening gile, and then slept, woke up, got all cranky, skit , then did maths. okay, so tartar people and have a nice tuesday :)