Saturday, January 3, 2009



damn. school's reopening. woopeee. and no more early morning online sessions for yours truly ( sigh ) and maybe some of you too

okay so today ( saturday 3rd january )

went to jj . plan nk beli kasut, habesnye x jd. mid year nnt la beli heh. okay then habesnye beli cendawan goreng, sushi, and other foods yeah. the sushi was reallllllly sedap :P and td kat sane cm ramai gile org. jumpe andi, and sape abg tu x igt name die. then nmpk kak mrym, and sape tah lg due. tp before tht nmpk kak eira ngeh ramai gile nmpk haha

then pg speedy nmpk FOLIE A DEUX ! and mmy ckp next week eh. and i was like okayh wee
pastu pg watson carik whitening cream haha ( a dude pon bole melawa la kan? ) unfortunately, no cream haha sadis

okay dam dam dum

went to azwar/azri/azhar's. as usual. but today was like hell ramai org dtg haha. almost 20 kot. imagine, 20 people playing dodgeball at the same time haha. so bush bash besh bosh bish done

went home , watched the newly bought cd of power rangers operation overdrive. the last episode. nak tau tanye je haha

okay, so yeah. last early morning post from me. till then chooooooow


IZYAN N said...

ape cerita power rangers? :PPPP HAHAHA

Ahmad Hisan said...

tanye kat ym. kalau ckp kat sini org sume tau haha