Wednesday, January 28, 2009

alani iman

haha. oh title nnt story, so sup peeps? long time no see aite? haha. bet u all missed me :D

okay so i've beens sick the past few days due to the rising temperature of the earth. okay so went jamming with nad, nabel, ezel, and erfan on saturday. and boy, it was like sooooooo coooool! haha. we covered check yes juliet, burnin' up, and i'm yours, SCREAMO style hooo yeah. we rock haha. okay so tht night slept a teze;'s place. yes he has an xbox 360 whoah

okay skip skip fas t forward and here we are.

so here i am, typing, oh yah, the title was just for fun la. because lanee told me to update my blog , so i updated it, and put her name as this post's title haha. see lanee,i can be nice . kaaan? haha. now you have to make me lots and lots of fluffernutters and stuff haha. oh yah, this is alani, she'll be 16 on march the 1st,whoah, ur gettin' old dude! haha.

my hand does look distorted. bak kate zaza lagi.

and i'm feeling a bit better now. and my hair's growing . fast haha

okay toodles :)