Friday, January 30, 2009

i'm screaming on my own

*cracks knuckles* hello fellow beelllog readers, can't believe that you're actually reading my blog. thank you :) i really appreciate it that you’re willing to spend some of your time reading my not so cool interesting *gimme more adjectives haha* blog :D whatever, and again, thank you :)

Okay enough with the grammy speech haha. Onto some action :D

Okay so today, 30th January, I had this drama audition thingy, so I HAD to get up early, like at 630PM . yeah, early kan? Never mind, drama punya pasal haha. I’m not gonna lose my place to them newbies. Kan :) *oh shit, gaaah, stupid virus*
Ignore the cursing above, okay moving on, so lanee went to drama too tadi, , and asilah, and wan, and who ah? Oh yah some machas, who cares, hidup muhibah? Yeah riteeee and the script was not that fun, come on laa, only one girl character? Nuff said, can’t tell much or else our rivals’ll know haha shhh,

Erm, oh yah, seremban rained again, third day in a row? Think so. And I bet almost all of you peeps spent the whooole evening catching some Zs rite? Hhaha i didn’t damn “-_- well at least ben 10 was awesome, and the series finale of avatar :D
Okay so tht’s it la kot, nthg much to tell cos i’m such in a really really really bad mood right now, i accidentally deleted the photos from my camera’s memory card, clever me :D okay goodnight/goodmorning/goodevening/goodafternoon/goodbye