Wednesday, January 21, 2009

dr jacko and mr bride

ngeh, title was random.

so long time since the last post. kan? nevermind. so yah. i've noticed that i do not like my science teacher :/ during the two periods of science, all that came out of her mouth was, blabalbalablalayadayadyadyaydaydaguuuungehbluekkkhaemoglobinblablbalab u get the point la kan. so anyho, this week so far has been fun kot. went to kompleks belia dan sukan every evening kot. played rugby apo tah haha. then cycled home .

school's still the same la. nothing different, and today was cocuriculum day. so went to kelab pelancongan, waited in the specific class with nad, then waited again then when the pengerusi started to talk, this (cute) amoi came in and asked who wants to buy ice cream, haha then the meeting was delayed, haha and the (cute) amoi took our orders of ice cream balablbal, so me and nad waited for our ice cream, then, dpt ice cream tros bla from kelab pelancongan. haha bosan ah

so loitered around, and met up with shuhell? haha nevrmind, then lalu-ed pass the KSF class, and nad and i were like, "weh weh, tgk bai, budak cool nye persatuan doh,hahahahah" seriously, KSF is like so crowded kot haha. and i wonder how dollah can handle all them people la haha.

okay so irfan joined our loiteringing thingy, and at the moment, the tamil language society was having amondotahakutaktahu, and nabel/shuhell/nad said to irfan," weh fan, ko x join ko nye group er?hahaaahahah" and along the journey, irfan was the target of our(?) jokes. nabel was like, weh macha mosh tg kepale goyg2 blablablabal. ngeh, gelak gelak gelak gelak balek.

so got meself a haircut(?) yay. ngeh, well not like the ptg-habes-sampai-pendek kind of haircut, it was more like a boss-kasi trim-sikit kind of haircut haha. okay, so i think you peeps are getting bored la so i'll stop now la :D and yes aezack, womanizer is a really catchy song haha

tartar :)