Thursday, December 23, 2010

spaghetti and cheeseballs

there's only one week of holidays left!!!!!! -.- my holidays went by fast, and by fast, I mean really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY FAST! I realised this just last week , it took me 4 weeks, to notice that holidays are gonna end -.- and I was likeee, the efff? "aku tak buat apa pun dohhh masa niii?" so that explains why in this last two weeks, I've been rushing to do just everything, cycle too far places, do capoeira(I'm just starting :D), be an acrobat haha, go places, so yeah, a lot of things to do, but I'm up for it! bahhh!

okay, one thing I can scratch off of my long long long list of to dos, yes, I have a list , haa-ha! be jealous! haha, the backhandspring!

that asidee, hmm what else, hah! next year, I won't be wearing new shoes to school, hah! I'm gonna wear the shoes I wore this year, my beat up converse with holes on the side, :D butt, I sent them to ze cobbler, and the cobbler patched things up, literally, so my shoe looks brand new!

apa lagi haha, haa, I want to be a youtube sensation kay, I don't know howw, but I'll get there haha, I think I'm done, kot, soo if anyone's interested to go cycling with meh, let me know la, the mroe the merrier, and it's lonely la when you cycle alone haha

I think that's it for now kot? :) so yeah, I hope to those that waited, you got what you asked for haha, sorry for not updating me blog, I've been lazy haha, later :D