Monday, November 8, 2010


my hair got cut yesterday , Aidil told me during the assembly to hug my hair tight haha, then after the assembly, went to class, Aidil told me to go to tge assembly ground cause Encik Shan's waiting for me -.- Aidil told me that Encik Shan made me his target, so yeah, there was no escape -.- I tried to be as calm as I can, the walk from class to the assembly ground had to be the longest walk everrr -.- it took ages to get there, Aidil said that I'll be in luck if En. Shan isn't there anymore, but heyyy, look who's standing on the stage, 'cekak pinggang' , the sort of pose your mom'll give you when she found out about her orchid's being wrecked by your soccer ball -.-

and there I was, standing there, waiting for what the dreaded disciplinary teacher had in store for meh , and oh, did I mention that I was the only one who was getting a haircut? haa haha :D to be honoured in such a way, I almost cried tears of joy, it was as if I was given an award, hahahaha sudah -.- so En. Shan called Anis, the person who's responsible for the discipline of students, Anis took out a fineeee pair of baby blue scissors . the ones you use to cut PAPER , not HAIR, this was soo gonna ruin my hair -.- my thickk, luscioussss, jet blackk hairr , enough exaggerating, so yeah, Mr S snipped and snipped, my bangs were shortened, only the front and back part of my do got cut, so yeah, but the end product wasn't bad at all? I kinda liked the way it looked haha, and the classmates said my hair looked like nothing happened so yeah, I'm still good looking, so no worries hahahahahaha :D

and I'm kind of on the fence about Supra, ya knoww, the ones I wanted for my birthday, I don't think they're that cool anymore? :/ but hey, if I were to buy a pair, how I'm gonna get the money is another question, I'd buy the skytop II cause welll, the original Skytop ain't that pretty anymore :)

what else, hmm, , I'm still stuck at hard on Guitar hero, I'm a bit scared of playing it on expert, so yeah, maybe during the school holidays I'll turn it up and try expert, who knows,

it feels great to finally blog again haha, after like what , 3 months of nothing haha , so as always, toodlesss!