Sunday, April 25, 2010

"mau teksi ahh dik?"

....i have no idea how to start this post, -.-oh dah start dah haha okay then haha, 'supp B-)
missed me? me toooooooo!!! hahah
did i mention i got a haircut? B-) fugly -.-

this is where i'm like suppose to put a picture of me before i got the haircut, but idiotically, i forgot to take a picture of me self before the haircut, thus, no before picture hahaha


after haha

kemas, :) haha cam bodoh -,-anyhoo, on to the real storeh, so on saturday, me and shiro went on a date? haha whatever you young people call it nowadays haha. we planned this 2 weeks ago btw haha i think

kay, so friday night made sure that the plan was on, blabal, so yeah, slept late, haha bijak haha , saturaday morning, woke up, was a weee bit blur at the time haha, had no idea what was going on haha, took a bath , ladididum, got ready, had breakfast, nasi lemak 1 bungkus , i usually eat 2 haha, picked up shiro, daddy drove us tu mbo,ahmad tagged along too, in case you have no idea who's ahmad, he's my little annoying brotha'

muka jahat haha

moving on, shiro wanted to watch when in rome, ya knoww, the one where there's josh duhamel and kristen bell (y) the movie was like, so so la? it wasn't a great movie, and it wasn't a bad movie,just your typical jiwang-ish-mat-saleh movie haha, i'd give it a 7 for effort :)

so after that, went to buy me xbox vid games,bought tekken 6

epic (!) buy it, HD all the way yooooo hahah

oh yahh, forgot to mention, before the movie started, the two of as sat at some benches near the main entrance, and there was this one amoi, O_O veryyy the pretty one laaa haha, kan shiraaa? :p kay sambung, haha, after that, went for zohor, then made our way outside of term 2, took a cab to parkson :) the uncle was like, "dik, mau teksi ahh?" "ha'ahh, " "pigi mana dik?" "parkson uncle, berapa?" then this one cool uncle with his dark shades, started walking and said, "tujuh ringgit dik, " so yeah, went in the cab, there was no AC btw, and Seremban was very the hotstuff that day -.- what the hell, sabar je la haha

reached parkson, we were sweating, due to the very the hot teksi haha, went in, had our potty breaks :D haha then went to kenny's and guess what,
there was this piece of paper taped to the door, "the air conditioner is not functioning something something " haha, but because both of us were so hungry, we didn't care if there was AC or not haha,

shiro didn't know what to order, dungu :p haha panjang panjang cerita ada apa, die order spageti -.- takpe la, the spaghetti was goooodd (y) , i ordered the quarter chicken, with mac and cheeesseeee!!!! :D and potato salad andd mashed potatoess :) and 2 cokes,

we were sweating,i won't lie haha, korang cuba ahh makan time tu alamak aii -.- dah la dinding gelas,nasib baik la ada 1 standing fan :D haha
ate babal, shira was amazed at how i could eat so much, practice shiro, practice haha bayar, and and amboooiiii, abang cashier, usha usha orang pulak? ahah kalau nak pandang shiro saya punn, cover la sikit haha, ni tak, tekan register, pandang, tulis ni pandang hahah FAIL :p

after kenyangg, walked around parkson, cooled down after a hot meal haha, then shira's ibu picked us up :) sent me home, so yeah :) oh yeah, the picture of us up there was at ktm, we were waiting for ibu shira to pick us up :)

so hmm what else? haha, i guess that's it :) firstly, thank you to me daddy, and shira's ibu, and uncle taxi :) and the staff at kenny's for trying to cool us down haha

and yeah, thank you sayang for the most awesome day yet! :) harini kita hotstuff en? hahahaha rawr hahahahahaha (inside joke)

ps. sayang, i'm still waiting for my audi r8 kay? haha ♥♥♥