Friday, January 15, 2010


that was a big bowl of spaggggettiiii

yo, i can't feel my right leg at the moment, cramp haha, kay so last thursday, 14th january, i went to the kompleks belia dan sukan, ya know, beriadah pada waktu petang,we were playing rugby yadayadaya, played tackle at first, and then touch, kay, and then i got the ball, i was running to get a try(it's like goal in football la), and then SEKADOOOSH-KESPLAT-ZIPP-SQUIRT! my right foot,got i don't know stabbed by something, i don't know whether it was a piece of wood sticking out of the ground or some metal rod, and then when i got the try, i didn't even bother to look at my foot, i was running back to where the water bottles were, i pured water on to my leg, and blood was still running, i had a big gush on my foot, blood was still running, i took my shirt and i pressed it against the wound, yes, it was still bleeding, it stopped bleeding after a few minutes, my shirt was soaked with blood, i was wearing a white tee btw -.- usually when we get injured or so, we should be calling for help, but i was smart enough, i stayed at where i was half an hour ago, until i realised i should be going home, not sitting around with a big effing hole in my foot and doing nothing -.-

so i went home, it was hard trying to cycle with as i said, an effing hole in my foot haha, got home, didn't bother to reply the parents jokes when i got off the bike, rushed to the pipe, took off ze shirt, and wrapped my foot, daddy was getting worried, and then mummy came to me asking what happened, i said nothing, just some wound, then daddy was all "asal x pakai kasut tadi?! " and i said "kasut koyak" daddy,"that is not an excuse bblabalba" -.- i went inside, took a bath, washed the gush, and then mummy wiped on some cream thingy on my boo-boo, and bandaged it, and to think i should've gotten help from a doctor that night haha.

so i went to school the next day, wore my atok's obermain slippers, they are really comfy, and brought along my atok's cane haha, oh yeah, i have to walk with a cane, or else my left leg will get sore, so to describe how i looked ,

now you know haha, so after school, i told mummy i wanted to see the doc, cause i was afraid i might have an infection or something, yeah, sekarang kau nak takut? semalam x pulak haha, so went to klinik anjung karisma, next to centre point, doc said i should've gotten stitches the day i got my gash,cause now my gash is like bruised and if i did get stitches, it would've been useless, so , he put this like cellotape-ish thingy to my cut, and dressed up my foot nicely :D and said leave this on for two days,paid the doc, 50, easy money kan? haha, then went home , couldn't go to friday prayers, slept, watched the solar eclipse (y) , slacked, that's it haha

so, pengajaran, wear shoes if you're playing outdoors, don't be all " aku hero, main je la kaki ayam, mauahahaha" you will get hurt


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