Monday, January 11, 2010

deyyy , wade satuuu!

meatball marinara!

the ones that like the comment others are really insecure deep inside, boo hooo!

school's okay, i'm sitting at the back of the class next to the door , next to me is Faiq, and yeay, now we're not allowed to turn on the fan before 9.30am -.- kayy, i know i'm going green, but when it comes to self conditioning(?) , i am very fussy haha, except for air-conds, i don't use those things anymore muahahah, and did i tell you about how shittttttayyyhhhh things are at school nowadays? i am not pleased , -.-

ohhh yeahhh, orirntation was fun and all, till i got myfree haircut (y), it was off the chaaiinnnzzzz -.- and on sunday i got another haircut to ya know, fix the fix-ees -.- and ended up looking like err,let's just put it this way, BAD ahah, but at least Wan (me grandmotherr) said i look cantik (?) if i was a girl, i'd be flattered haha, but a dude, being called cantik, that's wrong yo haha

so went to school with the new do,got mixed reviews -.- "hisan,kalau aku letak gambar mase form 1 sebelah kau sebijik dohh hahah" "wehh?! hisan? aku x perasan tadi" "nipisnyaaa? :(" thy shall ignore them negative cmmts, haha, the important thing is, i feel sexy, full stop hahahaha .

i'm done, i have homework?! -.- oh and i don't get physics,but sivic is awesome? haha

one more thing, to shahirah don't worry, i will not go bald haha :) laterr !