Saturday, June 27, 2009

the king of pop will surely be remembered

he died laughing watching this guy lol

i was on my way to school, as usual, and then my mommy turned on the radio, and then, suddenly, " Michael jackson dilaporkan telah meninggal awal pagi tadi waktu tempatan."
and i was like, WTF?! MJ ? GONE? FOREVER? erhh, and then i was like quiet.
okay la, MJ, Al-Fatihah.

anyways, today had sekolah ganti, and dayyuuummm, the school was like deserted!
and as usual, during every sekolah ganti, our beloved HEM gave a short,err, speech?
he said " tahniah kepada kamu semua yang hadir harini blabalbal" paham2 je la

okay, anyways, err, school was okay je la kot, x study, HANTAR FOLIO!!!! woohooo, finally, hantar pon,
jyeah, confirm korg semua x caye aku siap folio aku en! mwehehehee

and one more thing, i am now, the most lamest kid ever, i haven't watched transformers , and how lame is that?