Monday, June 29, 2009

hisan has a new toy

it feels kinda awkward, you have the toy, but the movie belum tengok lagi, haishoo, naah nevermind, at least i have the toy hehe :D oh what toy am i speaking of?

world, meet sideswipe, sideswipe, meet the world :D
bought it yesterday, sunday, at OU, bought it for 80 bucks , i know, if i waited for another month, i could've gotten it for 50 bucks, but who cares, i wanted it sooooo much :D and thank you daddy, and yes, i made my muka-bajet-comel-yang-confirm-boleh-dapat-mainan face :) and it still works mweheheheh

school was okay, wait, i'll write about school later, this was suppose to be a short post, so yeah, i'll end it now :D

2 months :)