Tuesday, May 12, 2009


word of advice, never, i mean NEVER drink chocolate milk right after you wake up.

oakyh, moving on, today school was not so oaky, my tummy was grumbling, because of the above sentence. and i faaaaarrrrrteeed, with permission haha, and hell yeaaah! the gas went through the whole class, and everyone was like, "hisaaan! busuk siaaaaaaal!" "eewwww" "bau #$%^&* wehhhhh!" etc. bajet dorg kentut wangi je "-_-

never mind, then went to the twileght (toilet) , i had an appointment with encik J. damdamdam, settle! and sambung kelas. then time english, ade la orang ni tau, buat announcement,
"perhatian kepada warga georgian sekalian, besok, anda hars memakai baju unit uniform kerana ada sesi mengambal..." abrupt pause, adn someone else's voice comes out, i guess the earlier annoucer, got embarrassed and fled haha " haahmmph,...hahamphhh... hakhamphhh.. maaf, esok, semua haruslah memakai hahammphh... hmpphhh... pakaian unit uniform kerana hmmmphhh.... ada sesi pengambilan foto hhahahmmphhh.."

sape lah announcer tu en *kening-kening2*

oaky, so went homeee, slept, txt'ed, yah, that's it. tommolow got KH haiyaak

k tata, muahahahahahhaha