Friday, May 8, 2009


okay, this happened just now, as in a few seconds ago haha, for the first time ever, i know something that salahuddin saufry doesn't knoww, and FYI, his name in my messenger list is DARTH VADER :) amik kau haha

hisan: mohsein dah kene dah samsons hahahah
hisan: update blog
hisan: please
darth vader: haha nanti
darth vader: mohsein ada ym?
hisan: ade
You sent 1 contact to darth vader.

darth vader: fuih
hisan: ?
darth vader: macam mana send contact?
hisan: hahaha
hisan: kau x retiii?
hisan: aku baru tau td
hisan: haha
darth vader: takk pernah taw pun
darth vader: camne doe? haha kau pun samo

perrrghhh finaaallly, aku tau sumting yang salah x tahuuu! PWND!