Friday, March 6, 2009

"senang diri, from, choral speaking, teacher adviser, mr Joe , there will be a practice to day at 12pm in the hell(?)" students laugh loudly, the emcee turns red in embarassment. and corrects what she madewrong and said hall haha haha haha.

yes, itulah yg terjadi pada assembly harini, friday, 6th march '09 .

moving on to serious-er things, read chapter 3 of dr jeckyll and mr hyde and then bm, did this tatabahasa thingy, and sivik, cikgu hazlan, u rock maaaaan!!!!! and then rehat, ate meehoon that i bekal-ed from home :D and sedap gila . and then kh, file blablablablabalbalalbalbalablabalbalbalbalablablabalbalbal. went home, followed atuk pg sembahyang jumaat, slept throughout the whole khutbah, yeay :) went home, and some mooore sleeping, woke up at 5, online-ed and blablabalbal

okayh, so tonight , final raja lawak musim ketiga, and yeaaaah, sepah gila best, jihan biasa2 je, and amir ,as usual, with his laaaaaaaaaaaaaame , unfunny, kelantan oriented jokes. 10 weeks, and he stil makes them kelantan jokes "-_- amir loser, and yes, SEPAH MENANG! muahahahahahahahhaha, hidup sepah,mantop ah kau hahah

okay done, i'm bored and hungry, belanja ijan anyone? :DD