Wednesday, March 4, 2009

burger ayam tak nak sayur

hallo, sumpah aku bosan "-_- and yah, the school teachers will be pantau-ing blogs from now on. grrrrrreat and they're probably reading this right now :D hye cikgu :)and all posts will have to be filtered so that i won't get into trouble.

and jyeah, exam's next week, 10 11 12 march. and i'm sooooo not prepared. don't get me started on sejarah, i've only read like 2-4 pages till now, yaaah, pandaaai hisan "-_- and last saturday was lanee's birthday party, and hell yeah ! the party was fun, with the spontaneous karaoeke sessions, and the mercun cina (?) and the deejay dude, and the lip-syncs and such, overall, the party was really really really awesome. and thanks lanee for the invite :)

okay done, i've no more things to type, okay actually i do, but then again, i'll be putting myself in danger if i write 'em, okay dah,

till then , tar tar peeps :)