Thursday, February 5, 2009

pfffffffft :)

so yesterday, wednesday ade this second drama audition :D so had to be at the hall bye 2.40. okay so damdamdamdum so while waiting for the clock to strike 240, waited at the canteen,surau,canteen,stairs in front of pool,stage in hall,in front of 5 muzaffar, oh yaaaaah, while waiting, the ksf kids were waiting for their bus or something, to take thm to 'city park' i'll tell you later why i said 'city park'. okay so lepak-ed with nikon guy or better known as dollah, the head of ksf? wtvr haha. and he was planning this sort of big art attack thingy *yes dollah, aku amik ayat kau* :D and blablaba. then it looked like it was starting to rain. hooo yeah, dollah's worst nightmare, and he was like #$%^&*()%^&*(%^&*( noooooo wt************ etc. etc. etc. and akhirnya, dari 'city park' ke muzium negeri hahahahahah :)

okay so the audition thingy was good i think. we had to like beat the caklempong noise and talk loudr than them banging of the gendang-s haha. but this one kid was realllllay kaku. oh yah, alani was my partner la :D

so today,thursday, i got this letter form sak(fuck)tish, the letter was the permission slip to go see PGL at istana budaya . whoah, haha for FREEEEE :D ngeh wtvr, and ustazah was all emoooooooooooooooooo again, gaaah. please, stop emoing la. ur old, emoing ain't good fr th boness so yah, english, went home,watched ben10, and other stuff. oh yah, forgot,while on my way to padang for PJ, i saw syafy getting angkat-ed, don't know why, you know why? tell please :D

so toodles :)