Sunday, February 8, 2009

he strikes again

yo yo wassup wassup! corny, hooo yeah .

so yesterday was salahuddin's fork fifteen. hapi bafdeyy. dude, ur old O.o so we had this makan2 thingy, some of the para jemputans, muz,izzul,cuak,abe,azwar,fateen,farah,balok,burn eh?, syiqah,alya, and yours truly :) so the partay started at like what? 8 sumting? ya lebih kurang mcm itu la. so salah's dad bought sate, and nasik ape tah, and oh yah, i did not get a piece of cake, instead, i got just one suap hooo yeah sigh so bising bising lepak-ed dekat luar,and oh yeah sebelah rumah salah ade rumah kosong yang tersangat la horror O_o and then dorg start ah buat cite bangang. bangang tau taaaak?! "-_-
and yes, i was scared, so i went inside sheesh. okay conclusionnya, the partay was fun seriously :) , and happy birthday salah, panjang umur murah rezeki amin .

okay, second story. so in one of last posts, i wrote about alani correct?so now i'm gonna write about another friend of mine, zaza fahmeeda , or better know as the M from FLMP :) sadly, this ain't a happy post, but i'll try my best to no make my sedih-ness visible aite? okay as i was saying, zaza will be leaving KGV to go to SBPI Selandar, and i don't know where the hell that is, and yah, there'll be no more zaza in kgv. 0.0 okay a little info about this zaza person i am speaking of, if you don't know her, here's a picture of her,

she was born on the 10th of ferb-ruary and yeah, the registration day for her asrama thingy is on the 10th of ferb-ruary. talk about having a sweet sixteen birthday haha and oh yah, she lives in the same taman as i do haha . okay, pendek kata,all the best in el salvandar and i love you la zaza. please take care, and oh yah, give R2 as much love as you can :)
don't ever forget me, it'll haunt you haha bye za :'(


FLMP™ said...

thanks sihan.
i love you tooooooo :')
and jaga my koala juga okeh? ;D

Ahmad Hisan said...

i'll guard it with my life . whoah, ayat movie mane tah haha

FLMP™ said...

phineas and FERB? :D

Ahmad Hisan said...

haha pandaaai