Saturday, December 13, 2008

selamat pengantin baru aunty elina :)

hye :D okay so according to the title,there was a wedding. kan?haha. it was my mothers cousin's wedding. so like my aunty la.

okay so everyone had to wake up at like ,beforee 9 am. tht was like soo early. fortunately,i skipped my z's last night so i managed to get ready on time :D then pakai baju melayu,blbalabala,whoooshed to kajang. i was like snoring throughout the whole trip. then reached atok alang's house ( father of aunty elina la ) ate roti canai,then went to the dewan. so damdamdum

waited for like what,hours ohh ( 2 to be exact )then the pengantin came. finally haha. then naek-ed the pelamin,blablabal renjis here renjis there, then mkn. afta that erm,goofed around with amad haha. then took pics with the uncles and aunties and pengantin blabdibladiblaaadaaaa.

so after all of the camwhoring and such,went home at around 430 pm. reached home at 520,slept ntil 1030. and yah. tht's it.

pictures nnt la. aku malas la

( z's = sleep )