Wednesday, December 10, 2008


hell-o boogers. how are you? fine?who cares!

sorry for being rude. anyway,on with today's activities. went to luqman's at 2 pm with salah. went inside and goofed around with luqman's itouch and imac. really cool. after that,played bola. and i 'accidentally' ( correct ar spelling?sorry,haven't read in like weeks ) kicked the ball straight at salahuddin's face hoho. sorry dude. okay, then ate sushi yum. and called cuak. he was like, "weh aku busy ah ko nak ape call " and so on so on. then hacked salah's myspace and changed his name to king of gays. trust me, it was really funny. then went home. bathed,prayed,slept,ate, and here i am. onlining at 1 45 am . yay me. i think that's it.

oh yah,almost forget,there was this foooookin cockroach on my bed . i don't know how it got there. i was like "aaaaaaarghhhh" in a really 'cute' wayy. but thnks to my little sister hasyira for killing the damn cockroachhh. and yes,my adek is way braver than i am.

fookin roach!