Wednesday, December 24, 2008

march 2008

yoooo so here's march. enjoy :)

okay, march. drama,new phone,made friends,bandung.

let's start off with drama. i forgot to tell you guys tht i went for the english drama auditions in february. and i got the part of henry ; the boyfriend of a alissa who wants to be a ballerina. okay, so there was me as henry, akak qistina as allissa, alani as the ghost of allissa's sister, kak meeya as victoria, and nishantan as allissa's father. okay so practice practice practice , and on 20+ of march bertanding. kgv got second, and them forkin fake tacky lame smelly SMAP labu girls got first place wtf? but at least kgv won the best actor/actress award and the best script. and the best actor/actress award is waaaaay bigger thn tht cheap first place trophy. HA HA ! take tht u ! okay done

the whole gang kot haha
andi saktish qistina hisan
kak meeya. haha muke budak kecik :D

okay so pasal new phone pula :D

okay it all started when my little sister got a new phone. haha. and when i saw her using her new phone, i started getting all emo and stuff haha. and the day after that, my dad bought me a phone hahaha. i was looking, "muahahahahha, my puppy face, mengade2 perangai still works " haha yeah. be jealous :P okay so at tht time my phone was like still new la kot haha

okay so damdamdum, second day bile baru beli, bwk skola haha. first time bai. time tu budak sume tgah poyo2 dgn phone, then si hisan ni kluarkan fon die, then dorg cam, "hisan! aku nak doh fon tuh! " and i was like " hehehehe" :D

okay so now bandung la. first time for me, second time for my family, okay la. my first impression of bandung was biase2 la. then mmy started all of her " abg , kat sini kaan, byk gile shopping mall die. sume best2" and i was like woohoo! but after a few days , i was like, " amende ni? mmy cite je lebih manede best. then i emo mode kicked in. and for the rest of the trip i was senyaaap je. okay then balek la. tp thnk you la mmy and ddt sbb bwk gi sane . ngeh.

okay so this was my march :D

april coming sooooon. toodles