Friday, December 26, 2008


so here i am. at home haha. after a long trip back from kedah. the land full of sawah padis :P

okay so the trip was like 6 hours kot. luckily, i had my phone to accompany me muahahah unfortunately, battery pulak kong gaaaah. okay so stop dkat RnR Tapah. and saw this dude, he looked like pete wentz haha. and i was like, where's the fookin camera. okay so malas cite,

oh yah lupe nk bg tau. haha went to kedah for my aunty's wedding .ngeh. stayed at hotel seri malaysia. and thank god ade internet. tp slow cam cipan gaaah okay takpe. still ble maen medabots haha.

oh yah about the title. i seem to have this growing interest in hardcore music ahah. this is because i was pig squealing all daaay long hahaha. so now i'm gonna work more on my grwoling ape tah haha. wish me luck :D


syamelwahiddin:) said...

nad slalu kot buat bunyi tu. jgn la minat lagu hardcore. bising! tk ske urgh.