Thursday, December 18, 2008

january 2008

early warning! this post is a bit long. so prepare yourselves with snacks and beverages. that is all

okayh,i'll start my post with what happened today. only then will i start my summary of 2008 :D. okayh,so went to klcc today with mummy,atok,ahmad naufan, and hasyira. so bertolak-ed at around 945 kot. then sampai 10 sumting sumting. and because we cam early,the parking was like kosoooooong. haha. then walk walk ,first2 skali pegi toy's R us muahahahahaha survey survey,jumpe robot drivemax megazord muahahahah,unfirtunately,it was the crappy american version and not the cool japanese version. dang it. and 300 bucks?wadahell okay tape. so continued our jalan2. atok kept looking at them rm6000 watches haha . he was like," atok pg bandung dpt jam camni rm30 je " haha. yeah btol tu tok okay so balbalablabalbalabla mkn balblabalblablabalabl beli buku blablabalblablabal tgk kedai nike blablabalbalablblab balek.
overall,klcc was fun la. eventhough i didn't buy anything fr myself. ngeh

okay. so on with the show. i'l start my summing up from the month of january.

so 1st of january,new year's day. so by now, all of the school bajus and sluars should be ready. rambut potong,kuku potong, okay la . so dam dam dum, 5th january, school's open. yippeee? gaah wtvr. so the first place i went to was the school canteen. saw, amin think,okay wtvr,then jln2,then went to the tapak perhimpunan, and woooow, the form 1 kids looked really funny yo. i won't tell you why la haha for personal space reasons. then as usual,our 'beloved' headmaster ,encik zakaria,wil give his routine monday morning speech and because tht day was the first day of skool, his speech would be a bit longer la ( usually,his speeches will last for as long as 10 minutes on normal assemblies ( btol er spelling?da lame x blaja ) and 15 minutes ++ on special occasions

so after the assembly, we were told to line up at specific places ( ikut form la. cnth ; form 2 dkat spbt nye bgnn, form 3 kat blabalal ) so tht the teachers can tell us which class are we masuk-ing for 2008. and i'm in 2 izzuddin. who knew tht this would be the most famous class of 2008 :P aaaand my form teacher was CIKGU MARIAM. u'll know why i capitalized her name in the upcoming posts. so yeah,i've been put in the same class with, agilan louis kumin khir budin pedap nizam tuan alwin suresh nabel yoges farid aizuddin syamrul wafri ashoka batrisyia fadhlin epa shira anis anys farah ummi mira sa'diah nad yaszlin syaza syuhada and hell yeah! we rock :P

okay,besides tht,the spbt books were given to each and every stdent. the form2s got their books on the second week of january. so first day masuk klas, form teacher,suroh la pilih class monitor,pastu budak sume ckp,"kumin cikgu! kumin!" then ckg was like "er die penah jd ketue ke?" so kitorg jwb la, "ohh penaah cikguuu". then the ckg perasan-ed tht we were kelentong-ing her,she went like "kamu semua jangan nak tipu saya ye?! jangan nak tunjuk kurang ajar!" whoh first day dah kene camni, then budin whispered,"ni baru satu hari" gaaah

here's the list of teachers for my class
Bahasa Malaysia : Pn Mariam Nazal
English : Pn Santha Devi Arumugam
Mathematics : Pn Hjh Salbiah bte Haji Abdul Razak
Science : Pn Hjh Hariah Hashim / Cik Azura 'hottie' :)
Sejarah : PN Hjh Rashidah Abdul Rahman
Kemahiran Hidup : Encik Abu Hurairah Hj Suak
Agama Islam :Encik Roslee Baharin
Geografi : Encik Fariz Othman
Sivik : Pn Yusliza Abdul Wahab / Encik Rahop
Seni : Encik Hussin Musrin

so tu je la. aaand fyi, name yg after / tu maksudnye lepas semester 1 nye ckg la hee

and tht's all la for january. february,coming soon


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