Saturday, December 20, 2008

february 2008

gaah. february. second month of the year, and the month tht has the least amount of days. and this year's february lompat nye february kan? haaa. dah dah cut the crap.

february was okay kot haha. i can't quite remember what happened in tht month. all tht i know is on the 22nd of february is my brother's 5th birthday ( ahmad naufan ) . haaa but i do remember what he got for his birthday. he got the omegamax megazord. haha. we ( daddy,ahmad and i ) bought it the day before the birthday at jusco haha. so ahmad's birthday was fun la. with all the aunties and uncles at my house . best bai

okay, school. so after 2 months of school,i've learned more about my classmates. kan? haha. so yeah. my deskmate is nizam ; he's a really really fast dude. stays at aspura. besides nizam,ade la jugak lg budak yg ddk aspura, including pedap,syamrul, and louis. and sitting in front of me is wafri. prefect. really good at making presentations. and likes to plat with yoges,suresh,agilan and ashoka. his favourite thing to say is , " ooh cccaannnteeik " . next to wafri is yoges. seluar baggy nak mampos. pengawas. selalu peluh lepas assembly, tapi skit je la. okay.

so let's talk about PUAN MARIAM muahahahha. at first i thought she was like the typical mean malay cikgu. but boy was i wrong. she was a lot meaner. but despite her meany-ness , the kids in my class cn still make jokes and not listen to what she says haha. they were like, " ye laaa cikgu" " ooooooooo" and other childish sounds :D so now PUAN HARIAH. first time having her cos last year PUAN NAHAR was my science teacher. i thought PUAN HARIAH was like the layed back old lady but noooooo.she haaad to be the teacher that all of us fall asleep halfway through our lessons. okay the other teachers were fun la. but i still can't figure out why PUAN SANTHA never scolds me if i don't pass up my work. rasuah maybe? naaah.

okay hair's starting to get thick again woopdeedoooo aaand i'll be going to bandung in march. first time. haha. so till we meet again fellow homosapiens. asta la byebye :D