Friday, July 9, 2010

giddy giddy

it's been a while :) i haven't been updating my blog because i was too lazy haha :D shira came over on Wednesday :) camwhored, ate a lot, then arpund 530 her ibu cam to pick her up :) had fun, kann mokkk? :D

kay moving on, thursday, stayed back to hang with the dudes, sweated a lot, who knew lake garden was so frikkin big haha, went home, beat. it was like i took a bath , but with sweat haha :D skated for like almost 2 hours :D my birthday's coming , and i haven't made a wishlist yet haha, so then i shall make one,

a pair of skytops :) either in red tie dye or just plain black !

a new phone, cause as you know, my current phone,

is dying haha, i need a new phone, :D
i'm looking for a phone that has a qwerty keyboard and wifi, that's it, and a decent camera :) i wanted the corby pro, but i don't think i like that phone anymore haha, so now i don't know what phone i want haha wtvs, next!

the audi R8 V10, yeah right, mimpi la kau san hhahaha $$$$$

but , if all else fails, a slice ( in my case, a slice actually means 1 big tray JSYK ) of kek batik will just do it :) boleh shira? :)

this is kek batik, a brief intro, kek batik is a dessert which is made up of either crumbled or pieces of marie biscuits@ biskut marie haha and melted chocolate! yum :)

so yeah, that's my wishlist , amboi, mintak macam macam kau san haha, biarlah, apa salahnya :) that's it kot haha, i'll update some more if i want anything else haha

and yeahhhh! shira got it :) and now she's just a few more steps closer to being a prefect. all the best to you sayang :) i want you to know that i am really proud of you , and i know you'll get it :) all the best kay