Wednesday, March 17, 2010

jgn la cm ni braderr

saturday, sunday, monday, was at Melaka, for the ksf trip, yes, aku masuk ksf haha, tau2 je la ye asal. aite, so had to be at school, before 830 in the morning, arrived at 8am yada yada yada, had this photoshop workshop thingy, sumpah best! tp ada la minah ni en tak habis2 ckp benda tu bosan, yes, i am talking about you cik adik haha . the workshop finished at 1130,

and off we went towards the school bus, i brought along a bag of chips, which were obviously not enough, when you have 27 kids in a bus haha, and there wasn't even any left when the bus started moving haha. kay blabalbl the bus ride was biasa2 je la en? sat next to shipo ♥ , obviously la kan? haha

tempat penginapan ; makhota guest house, apo ko bondo tah
location ; dekat dgn hotel mahal
surprises found in the hotel room ; a pair of used women's undies, a used women's sanitary pad (with blood stains)

there were 9-10 dudes on the trip, so all of us shared this 3 bedroom apartment, but 2 of the rooms were reserved for abg jaiiii , driver bus, and sir rashid's familia, so the 10 of us were left with this one room, so half opted to sleep in the hall, on the cold floor with no grills at the windows, very dangerous haha, kay never mind about that!

ya know, this would've been a lot easier if i had the pics ya knoww, well what to do and and i could write about every single thing that happened, but that would just make this post a loooong and drooopy one to read, so i'll try and make things short aite :)
went for dinner at Umbai, pfft hampeh, -.- the guy was like hustling us, ek eleh brader, jgn la cm ni brader -.- then walked around DP, had to take pictures, oh did i mention shira and i were assigned to keep an eye on the kiddos haha

shipo and hingusan :D

hari kedua, busy busy busy, a famosa , museums , planetarium , mydin sekali lah? haha night zoo, kay, the night zoo is not worth it, repeat NOT WORTH IT , you can barely see a thing, they don't allow you to use flash (kay i know , it's for safety measures but still, they could have like installed more lights to the zoo wtvr -.- ) and to top it all off, it rained -.-

went back to the hotel, tired , dozed zzzz

so on the last day , went to the newly opened,biggest in south east asia, jusco apo tah nama dia muahahah, damn, that mall is one big madayaka, butt, harap badan je besar, isik kosong haha sorry :D

kay enough about melaka,

sooo on tuesday, after tuition, mummy brought me, shira, and me 3 adiks, to sunway lagoon, this was last minute, so there were mishaps :) but alhamdulillah, selamat jugak sampai sana :) we only wanted to play the dry park, but to our surprise, there was like this neww ticketing technique enforced by the lagoon people haha lagoon people ,so lame haha
, we can no longer buy tickets for the dry park only, or better known as the amusement park nowadays, back then, you can choose which parks you want and so on, but now, it's like, they(lagoon people)'ve figured out a new way to make $$$ , we had to pay for both the wet park AND the amusement park, damn -,.- =good thing we brought our MyKads, cheaperrr~~~

masuk2 je ada this guy, supposedly one of those banglas that like to take photos at klcc haha, made us stand at this one spot, so he can take our photo,btw, this guy is one of the lagoon people. and kalau kita nak beli gambar tu rm35 pfft bapak mahal

malas la nak cite? dah 3 pagi dah tau? gmbr eh?

pedo alert haha

haha, I AM NOT A PEDO, had lunch at subway, meatball marinara baybayyyy , foot long fyi , imagine,

after a tiring day , playing all the rides, babysitting haha, ahhh, ~~~

kay kay, so jalan2 la sunwayP , beli baju utk daddy, shira sayang pun cam malu2 je haha, wtvr :p then balik, otw balik,singgah la kedai NASI LEMAK KUKUS APOLO kat rasah, bapak sedapppppppp! muahahahahahha, ayam goreng dia terbaik lah (y), rm3.80 ye nasi lemak ayam, tambah telur berapa tah haha, bungkuskan utk shira, dan family saya, kemudian hantar kak shira pulang, semua happy :)

so yeah, these past few days have been fun, especially the fact that i spent like 4 days in a row with ze beloved girlf , and thank you mummy sebab bawak pg jalan2 :D teehee,

oh yah, if kgv win drama this year, it'll be because the other teams are not good, not because kgv did well, what i'm saying is, drama this year is ke-rapp , thank you

kesian najwa haha

aite, laterrrrr, for real, bye bye, hasta la vista bebeh!!