Saturday, March 20, 2010


this post is not meant for the public, therefore, you may not understand what i am writing, thank you

ke hadapan shahirah yang disayangi,

i'd copy paste the lyrics of some mushyy love song for you here, but, naahh, tak cukup cool la utk kita en? haha

kay, shahirah, me likey saying yer name all day long, shahirah shahirah shahirah, i can't get enough of you :) so as of today, 21st of march 2010, we've been together for 5 months, okay la tu en? haha, so yeah, we;ve had our sour moments, ehem ehemmm haha, but we also had our awesomeee moments kan sayang? but we pulled through, that's for sure :)

seriously, until now, i still can't figure out, howwww you are able to cope with all of my emo shenanigans, damnnn boiii, you are onee tough cookie :D and yes, you are undoubtedly the awesomest la, hands down :)

sorry eh, i dah xde idea dah tau? yeahh, sorry eh sayang? pasal semuaaaaa salah yang i pernah buat dkt sayang kay? :)

so ulang semula,

HAPPY 5 MONTHHYYYY SAYANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry eh kalau cam benda ni x cukup sweet mweeet haha, idea dah habis tau? haha,
muaah muahh xoxo ♥♥♥