Wednesday, February 17, 2010

give this to the most beautiful girl in my school,

apa di atas apa di atas yawwwww B-) i'm feeling a bit gangstah todayyy haha blah -.-
it has been a whilee, it's already thursday, the week off is almost over, bummer,

kay,so on Tuesday, went for a movie with ze girlf she wanted to watch V day, so okayyy, tgok je laa hahah :p , her ibu drove us to term 2, MBO, sebab dekat TGV JJ yg kerek tu xde cerita tu pfffffftttt, so, reached term 2 at 3 something, jalan jam dohhh kat situ, whatevs, then kakak ze girlf cakap la, susah nak dpt ticket ni, org ramai, something like that lah haha, and of course, we proved her wrong, we got seats! hah,

kay so the movie starts at 4, so the both of us, shira and I , had like 30 minutes before the movie starts, so because we were so bored, we sat on this bangku, near the popcorn punya tempat. and made fun of people that walked by haha, ada this one makcik, pakai leggings, EPIC FAIL! will not elaborate, for it is too devastating, so yeah, Seremban people have a weird sense of style, i must say, kay enough about that

then ze girlf bought us popcorn and pepsi medium (large drinks are a myth there) so went in, blabalblba ads, bablabla, then the movie started,


paper cakap 1 hour 30 minutes, tgok2 2 jam -.- gila ah ahha, kay so the movie was okay la, entertaining :) but, yes, there is a but, the movie is best watched with your girlf la for dudes, seriously, kot kau lelaki, kau pergi tgok ni sorg2 en, memang org pandang serong la dkt kau, fo sho, x pun bawak la adik perempuan kau ke ape ;)

so ate at Marry Brown, dah tu je yang ada haha, we order the same food everytime we go there btw :) ate, my papadom was not properly cooked -.- sialan, finished, prayed, oh yah , surau sana bapak seram -.- dah la paling gelap en -.- xpe, nevermind, then waited for me mummy to come, bablabalbalabl, sent ze girlf home, and then went home of course haha,

overall i had fun hanging out with me bushuukk mashaaaammm intaannn payunnngggg :p thank you shahirah for an awesome day, eventhough ada orang tu cakap nak belanjaaaa hahaha xpe xpe :)

happy people haha and a bad hair day for the both of us :)

kay that night, played futsal with them boys, i have no talent in sports , so yeah haha, and to top it all off, i sprained my ankle :) and now it has this bump that looks like some mengkudu on my leg haha, azri's dad treated us dinner at this stall, the ayam goreng there, terbaik dari ladang lah, literally haha ,
reached home at almost 5 minutes to midnight, was scared, won't lie, went in, watched teevee , and txtd with ze girlf, dam dam dam dam dam

slept, watched united beat AC, (!) continued sleeping.
and that is all, i am bored, i want to sleep, andddd ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, paramore, the only exception MV is up on paramore's site, look it up ;)


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