Friday, December 25, 2009


kay so it's been 2 days since the results were announced, so yeah, now i can type peacefully haha. on the day the results were announced, i woke up early, i even went to bed that night! usually i sleep at 9 am so yeah haha . then bathed, i was sweating while i was bathing, yeah you figure that out on your own haha. blablaballaa then mummy wanted to stop by the car wash haha, the car wants to be pretty too ya knowww :p oh ya kereta Hyundai Sonata tu dha xde, dah tukar B-) tu next post haha. kay blabalbal and i was wearing this blue plain shirt, and i was like sweating? i sweat a lot fyi, (c'mon lah Malaysia panas lahhh -.-) reached school, went straight to the hall, and i thought school's are suppose to be punctual -.- 10 am yeah right , LIE! nevermind

sat on stage with Salahdddin, Cuak,Jay (rambut kau pelik in some way, anyhoo awesome! ahha), Izzul, and Balok, haa , blablabalba then walked around, and saw shira ! :) so we were kepit-ing the whole time la en B-) haha, lawak san lawak. kay then went to the form 3 block, wanted to check out our old desks, mine was still all in it's glory! the wobbly legs, the carved name on the underside of the table, the black pen doodles on the table, and Megan Fox's signature! haha

kay fast forward,

cikgu Zainuddin and cikgu Abu walk in the hall, with this yellow folder thingy, the students are cheering and rush to the hall. and then the man we've all been waiting for, UNCLE Z! haha, then with his trademark ucapan-yang-sangat-lama and then he started saying how proud he is with our results balbalal, and then they announced who got straight A's, first, cikgu Zainuddin said "Ahmad...*short pause*...SHAQIR AMIN! " i thought it was me la en haha, mana tau AHMAD HISAN KE HAHA, then blabaabl, "Ahmad....HAZIQ! " devastated again -.- "Ahmad....SAFWAN!" and by now i'm starting to feel queezyyy, oh i was standing behind sir Rashid btw, (form teacher) and then all of the known Ahmad's were on stage -.- i felt pressured haha, and then sir tugged my shirt and said, "Hisan , you got 1 B , Geo -.-" and iwas like "ye err? O_O geo? and sejarah A?!" sir replied " careless laa"

i was happy and dissapointed at the same time , happy because the only subject i was confident of getting an A was english haha, and i got 7?! TAHNIAH HISAN! dissapointed because, well ya know duhh, -.- and then while i was busy walking around trying to get a better view of the lucky ones, then "SITI KHAIRUNNISA SHAHIRAH BINTI ZAINUL RASHID!" i stopped, and then saw that lady of mine walking towards the stage, I WAS SOO YUCCCCKKKIIIINNN HAAAPPPYYYYYY WHEN HER NAME WAS CALLED OUT! sorry for the all caps lock-ing haha, i almost broke down in tears, but macho punya pasal, control hahahahah -.- then all of the 100 student's names were done, blablbal amik gambar wtvr la en hari2 aku boleh ambik gambar :p haha then hugged ze mommy :) she was happy and shocked and said my 7 A's were a miracle, based on my lack of studying and the way i've been studying haha, so by january i'll be need to tell, x bajet macam some people 0:)

so went to shira, salam, congratulated her, she was in tears, while i was err in sweat? hahaha yes there were sweat marks on my armpits i'm not gonna lie haha, on my back too sihat sihat haha ,salam-ed her dad, ZR! haha, went to pick up my result slip, PEKA cert, then sent Shahirah to her car, and yeah went home , mummy was waiting in the car.

okay,these are a few reasons why i didn't get and A for my Geo
  1. geo was on the last day, so the brain will be more focused on having fun rather than doing the paper properly
that's it actually ahhah. but nonetheless, i am very grateful and Alhamdulillah, atok's prayers when he was at mekkah were answered, amin :')



Zeeyn said...

nama penuh shira = siti khairunnisa shahirah? wow

Ahmad Hisan said...

haha tak tau ke kak? :)