Tuesday, December 22, 2009


i slept , and then i woke up at 4, cause i realised i haven't done my isya' prayers. after that, i sat for a while on the sejadah , thinking, stuff. i am so F-ed up at the moment, and tomorrow's the big day, yippee. sigh, my neck hurts, idk why, my mouth is dry, like ya know, your lips are dry, you have ulcers and stuff, urgh -.- i need pants, not for jalan2 or anything, i need pants for sleeping, right now i only have 2 pairs yeahh, only 2, and 1 of my pants are the ones for girls, ya know, reduced space at the wahoooey, it hurts occasionally, you (dudes) try wearing one .

2 weeks left till school starts, yippee. oh i downloaded ben 10 alien force season 3 ! currently i only have the first 10 episodes out of the known 14 episodes, don't know if there'll be more coming. and yeay kompleks belia dan sukan dah bukak! :D

kay done , want to watch ben 10, later homos Vo.o