Wednesday, December 30, 2009


a round up of the first decade of the 21st century

  1. went to kindergarten
  2. installed Astro
  3. turned 6 :)
  4. had my first few crushes haha
  5. pushed a girl of the swingset
  6. being cool B-) hahah
  7. had my birthday at school, cake-red power ranger!
  8. got suap-ed by cikgu , -.-
  9. came late to kindergarten, still keepin' ma' coolness haha
that's it kot -.- i can't remember
summary: the year i became a boi haha

  1. standard 1! cried almost everyday at school because i was so chicken haha
  2. had another crush haha,
  3. kena drop first time -.-
  5. got numbah 1 on my first ever exam! woot
  6. saw a chunk of ghost's meat (which was actually some baju sukan that got soaked and got dirty -.-
  7. wore a tie for the first time, the ones with the zipper haha

summary: 2001 was the year i discovered new things, so yeah (y)


  1. standard 2! moved to the top floor of block c, which was effing high for an 8 year old -.-
  2. got another crush hahah , gatal eh kau san? haha
  3. cried because i didn't want to go to school, afraid of cikgu Azmi (found out later that cikgu Azmi is not a monster -.-)
  4. shat in my pants, 'cos i was ascared of going to the toilet (y)
  5. had our first PC haha, played pinball everyday haha
  6. witnessed my first ever fight , in class, with cikgu cheering us on to keep fighting haha
  7. bought the PS2!
  8. kicked Lutfil Hadi in the nuts, later found out he got circumcised a few days earlier, ouch! haha

summary: 2002 wasn't the year where i remembered everything haha, but one thing i was sure of, i was still cool haha


  1. standard 3! wore blue, 'cos i'm a prefect haha and i got the power!
  2. Ahmad was born! he WAS cute, WAS haha
  3. bragged about my PS2 at school haha
  4. had a faux-hawk
  5. went for swimming lessons at kgv's pool ahah
summary: i got nothing on 2003 -.- i'll make it up in 'o4 haha

  1. standard 4! still wearing blue B-)
  2. got sent on stage for laughing at the students that won stuff -.- i cried on stage haha
  3. did i have a crush this year? naah don't think so haha
  4. started getting stupid "-_- i blame you PS2
  5. was in the second class, Zuhrah, after being in Uranus for the first 3 years of school haha
  6. got circumcised! hahaha, 5th December 04 haha, i thought i was kebal -.- but when i reached home, the painkillers started wearing out and my banana started hurting, -.- i layed on bed for the rest of the year haha
  7. went to langkawi, got stitches , i was in the pool, then my knee hit somethings and there was bloood, and like yuckfou , there was this biiiig hole in my knee haha, oh did i mention i didn't get any kind of painkilling drug while the doc was stitching me -.-
summary: 04,a year of pain -.-


  1. still a prefect, this is getting old -.-
  2. standard 5 wasn't that awesome i guess haha
  3. masuk tuition, BM O_O
  4. joined Negri's diving team, stopped swimming

summary: a year before UPSR, i was still goofing around haha, awesome ay


  1. finallyyyy, wore white ! woot!
  2. UPSR, was nervous haha
  3. went to this stupid ceramah apo tah -.- rip off
  4. went for SUKMA, missed school for almost i don't know how long haha
  5. got last place, with 2 failed dives haha, sapa suruh kau paksa aku masuk 3 meter? dumas
  6. didn't take my mid year exams! got cooler haha
  7. got bald! haha, i was fat, sunburnt, and bald, can you imagine how handsome i was back then? hahahahha
  8. UPSR finished in a flash haha,
  9. got 5 As alhamdulillah.
  10. mummy wanted me to go to boarding school, i declined, B-)
  11. had another crush! hahah

summary: '06 was my last year at primary school, spent my lat days playing uno haha .


  1. became a Georgian
  2. orientation was fun
  3. had my first girlfriend! hahah
  4. met Louis -.- and another 3 years with him awaits me haha
  5. Streamyx! hahah, my house got Wi-Fi-ed yeahh :D
  6. signed up for friendster hahahah, felt cool B-)
  7. myspace too, but i was more into friendster hahah the eff -.-
  8. YM!
  9. Xbox 360, welcome to the family , Wii too :)

summary: grew up, almost like 01,new school ,new friends,


  1. form 2! got free books!
  2. Mariam O_O
  3. first breakup (y)
  4. e-siswa was the reason almost the whole class got surat kuning -.-
  5. had a crush heeee :D
  6. got cooler on friendster B-)
  7. started using myspace, my layout was cool haha
  8. went to Bandung,
  9. went to Bandung again haha
  10. had another crush -.- come on lah Hisan! haha
  11. made a blog, :D
  12. found out that you don't have to delete your myspace photos -.- you can just make an album and mark it private -.-
  13. found out that you can read peoples comments, see their friends,
  14. found out that everyone else already knows -.-
  15. started wearing tight T-shirts haha
  16. bought my first pair of grown-up jeans haha
  17. wearing futsal shoes whil hanging out ain't In haha
  18. did not watch Twilight 'cos i'm cool! hahhahah
  19. bought another house in GL50, got my own room! haha
  20. learned playing the guitar, piano followed
  21. Ring of death,
  22. first year in drama , KGV finished 2nd , SMAP Labu won first place

summary: baggy jeans aren't accepted in the community , aite? haha.


  1. PMR awaits me
  2. had my 2nd girlfriend (!)
  3. 2nd year in drama, KGV got 2nd place, again -.- nvm
  4. Xbox repaired, got the ring of death not long after that -.-
  5. gave up on my xbox
  6. 2nd breakup
  7. only went for BM tuition the whole year
  8. went jamming for the first time haha
  9. elvis sideburns!
  10. started getting muscular (LIE!)
  11. got a laptop for my birthday :)
  12. still figuring out how to use a deodorant properly -.-
  13. PMR
  14. Shira :)
  15. i got 7 As, awesome ay?
  16. watched New Moon on the first day! awesomeee!
  17. went to Bandung again! Jakarta too :D
  18. ramai la pulak pergi Bandung -.-
  19. last haircut ; sometime in July,
  20. next haircut; after this -.- , 6 months weh -.-
  21. first time pg KL bukan dgn parents haha
  22. created a shared Twitter account with ze girlf :)
  23. got fat -.-
  24. working out, i think haha
summary: the last year of the first decade, a great year :)learnt that being cool ain't everything haha,

done, goodbye 09, and wassaaaaaaap 2010! 2010 sounds soo coool haha, see ya on the flipside V0.0

ps, thanks for the photos eh apiz :D