Sunday, November 15, 2009


blog bosan . kan ray? lawak x jadi, nicee heh heh heh -.- babi babiabibia biabi ibaibkluasdg bulw o p PHNIFNBIa [ PGUI ui U bopqauSBAFUIKb bILJbGUILN IubijNBI BIJWBIUBWB IBWEFNJDFUIL ERRGHHHHH -________________- IO f fi io OIfoGYIEGVY V UI ui ctiCT I CVV T tiVT YUIGBUIIIIBYUIBYUIH VBYUBUYHbyu gbvbyuvyuia bfhuiaybb uihab BYUI byubyuiByubYU VB

now that was somewhat soothing :)

i've had this attitude problem since who knows when, i have this attitude that makes me think i'm better than others. bad, i know, heh -.- and yes, this attitude has made me get into a lot of trouble , for now only mentally, physically, err next year perhaps haha .

it's 6am, dad's taking his shower for work duhh, bibik's doing some cleaning idk, lain tidur lah hesh -.- guess what, tadi bukak friendster hahahaha omg . nevermind -.- i have 8 subscribers, and that is pressure let me tell you that, pressure for me that is, i don't knwo why it bothers me so much to please others, when i know this is my blog and i can do anything that i want, heh, hisan, man up.

better stop now before it's too late