Wednesday, October 28, 2009

50 random facts !

  1. 1. it's HISAN not IHSAN, EHSAN,HASAN! aite? :)
  2. 2. fatin made me do this
  3. 3. i love my hair
  4. 4. i have low self-esteem
  5. 5. i think i'm cool haha
  6. 6. i annoy people
  7. 7. are you annoyed? haha
  8. 8. i sweat most of the time :D
  9. 9. megan fox is not a man, please?
  10. 10.pixie lott is a woman, and she is a hottay :D
  11. 11.i do not have my own room, yet
  12. 12.i love cheese
  13. 13.i love chips
  14. 14.i still play with toys
  15. 15.i'm a spoiled brat
  16. 16.i worry a lot
  17. you know why the chicken crossed the road?
  18. get to the other sidee har har
  19. 19.pete wentz does not have a big forehead, i do haha
  20. 20.i've went through the phase where one goes bald haha,and i shall never do it again! never! ever!!!
  21. 21.i play the guitar
  22. 22.i suck playing it haha
  23. 23.i play the piano
  24. 24.i play it better than your grandmother
  25. 25.kan? haha
  26. 26.i still listen to hip hop,
  27. 27.i pick my nose when no one's looking haha
  28. 28.i can't make my nose to stop oozing snot -.-
  29. 29.i've had 2 ex girlf's so far, and they both support liverrpoop -.- including shahirah!
  30. 30.i seem to be attracted to girls that support liverpool haha
  31. 31.sayang, jangan tergugat :p
  32. fart smells, BAD
  34. 34.i think i'm soo good than others, hesh
  35. 35.i feel awkward attending events
  36. 36.this is getting boring
  37. 37.why am i doing this anyway?
  38. 38.i bet you've already closed this window by now
  39. 39.if i had to choose between sarah palin and hillary clinton, i'd choose err clinton, when she was in her 20's ya know not the 50 something version
  40. 40.belagak handsome
  41. 41.dah bosan
  42. 42.takut lipas!
  43. 43.tak makan sayur
  44. 44.bosan lahhh! can i stop now?
  45. 45.the last time i had a haircut was in may i think haha
  46. 46.i am not bangla! haha
  47. 47.i need help on ways to improve myself
  48. 48.once a power ranger, always a power ranger
  49. 49.does not like to go out to malls haha, too cool for meh :D
  50. 50.i am not gay, alhamdulillah :)