Thursday, September 10, 2009


3rd post for the day, pathethic har har. i won't talk about PEE-EMM-ARRR because then the hate comments will pour in haha. so lets talk about happy stuff :) okay?

i am running low of happy thoughts, ngeh :'| wait, no, i am not running low of happy thoughts, i am all out of happy thoughts. hisan what is wrong with you? you used to be all hyper and full of sugar and stuff and not to mention happy? what happened man? did someone walked pass you and didn't even notice you're presence? did someone take advantage of you?hisan, tell me, sometimes i think i don't know you anymore, please hisan, come back, i need you sigh

that was me, talking to myself. i think i'm weird, wait no, i AM weird, ngeh, who cares hihi