Monday, August 10, 2009

happy birthday tooooo me B-)

okay, last friday was my 15th birthday! woot :)
okay so i better start off with what i did on my last day of being 14 :D

6th of August 2009
okay so the 4th day of trials, there was only KHB (kemahiran teknikal) , so after 940, there were no more papers until the next day , sooo some wen running out, while others opted to stay in school and study agama and geo, i was one of them stay-in-school-than-go-out-flinging-around-kids , soo studied a bit and goofed around near the library for ze. rest of ze day, okay, then, around 2.20, went out, waited for ze mummy to pick me up, and she came at 3.40 "-_- nevermoiiiinnd, rushed back to school at 4.20, for water polo , waited for 20 minutes for cikgu to come, but sadly, he didn't have the keys to the pool "-_- sooo instead of waiting for ze mommy to pick up in 2 more hours,we played police and thief ( a traditional game where we'll be divided into 2 groups, 1 group will be the police;who chase the thieves and and the other group being the theives, who get chased by the police ) moving on, usually main cm kat small areas je la riite? but this time , we upgraded the game and had a really big err battlefield? where? at school laaaa, no not some area in school, kitorg cam main, you knooowww, satu sekolah, from the school gate , to the form 6 block, to the bengkel kh, okay la faham2 la kan, betapa besaarrrnya tmpt permainan nye :D so yeaah, i had a lot of fun running around school chasing them form 1 polo kids hahahaah next week , kita buat ni official game ah haha, okay okay, so went home balbalablabl and studied till midnight. yes i was beat. oh yaah , thank you haziq for being the first person to wish me happy birthday, (he wished me the week before my b'day haha) so at 10, tashya said happy birthdaayyy, and at 12, kak yan, shira, and syamel wished mee, and at 4 o' clock in the morning, the ohh soo faithful cuak wished me haha so yeah, my last day of being 14 was great:)

woke up early haha and by early i mean 6.20 , usually, 6.40 , then balbalbalablalablablala family wished happy birthdayy :) soo sekolah, last day of trials, >:) and yeah, cam biasa la, then alin and epa cam, happy booorthhhhdaayy hisaaaan! dalam loghat nogoghi sombilan haha, terkejut dorg igt hahah, then ijul, shahran etc. :) and yeaahhh, lyn pon wish happy birthday :')

sooo that evening, muz and balok came, balok wanted to check my house out? O_o soo camwhored for the first time with them chumps :D haha

meet balok (left)
muz (center)
bday boy (right)

sorry for the wee bit of gayness haha, so after that went to ijan, to makan2 sikit, and kepada org yg tak tau ijan tu ape, ijan tu name kedai burger yg boleh tahan famousnya die seremban ini harap maklum.
soo salah, cuak, muz, fafa, farah, shira, izzul dtg jugak, and form 5's pon ade mase tu, epy, blanje burger, libau, belanja milo ais, kasyi and azhar and cai, dan bato.

okaay ni nak story, sedang sibuk makan, cai panggil, "weh hisan, belanja aku ah dohh, aku xde duit ni haa, kau ade berapa? " and i said, " duit aku sikit je ahhh "-_- " then suddenly cai cakap " okay bye!" and yes mmg aku terkejut, panggil then titibe bla cam tu je? aku pon cm ooookaaayyy~ then pusing balik, tgok basikal aku hilang "-_- and aku cm menggelabah la en ape lagi, then the form 5s pon jerit la HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY HISAANNNNN! ngeh, they hid my bike tah kat mane taaaah, then kasyi and azhar pon balik laa,selepas menyorokkan basikal aku yang tak bersalah ni dekat entah mane taaahh

so pusing la satu paroi mencarik basikal tu, then dorg aksi teka teki kalau nak tau mane basikal laa,"kenapa babi jalan tunduk?" "and ape tah lagi teka teki dorg "-_- kay soo bila dah nak pukul 7 tu baru lah dorg bg tau mane basikal semua balablabla "-_- dekat rumah epy, (dekat je kot?! F!) so balik jee, parents perli, basikal kena sorok ke baang? hahahahaha mummy buat spageti, and and float ape tah :) haaa nii korg semua birthday makan cake kan? aku x ade cake haha, aku punya cake ni haa

so makan makan makan makan, online la haha, soo i spent my first day of being 15th with my friends and family . and thank youu for everryyythiiiinnggg :) okay bein' a bit gay here haha, hisan, man-up! so jyeah,thanks everyone for everything :) i couldn't have asked for a better birthday than this, got punk'd , she didn't forget my birthday, got lots of free stuffs :)

and one more thing, Adee and I made a deal. soo nah adeee