Monday, August 3, 2009

err,, emmm,,errr,,, "-_-

trials ; day 1.

BM was prettay okay i guess?not too hard and sooo not easy "-_- . science paper 1, i think i did bad dang it, i got the easy ones wrong and the haard ones correct? hihi kay so tommorow, english, 1 and 2, and science paper 2, i hate paper 2's "-_-

anyhooo, the atmosphere in the hall , let me tell you ahh, it's like O_O (!) and ni baru trials? daaamn, PMR nnt camne bai? anyways, don't worry so much about the trials laa ;) peanut butter je mwehehehe,

*parents, opening the gate, car beeps, finds the key to open the door,*