Friday, July 3, 2009

triple S

meet sopiau, she was high at that time

okay, today, friday, so ermmm, byk org sagat/kantoi suara, no names mentioned, and we laughed like hell during agama , all because of ayiiiiip :) and sang boom boom pow, with hakim, again hihihihihih, we're getting good kan kim :D , err what else, oh ya, pak ya gave a speech about swine fluuu, tah titibe je kot? monday dah la, ni friday pulak "-_-

okay, petang tu pula, went to Ijan Burger, a well known burger stall :D and i tried the so called new burger? 4 THUMBS UP! and it is soooo worth the 4.50 price tag, beats buying an rm8 burger at mcd, that's for sure :D so go now, yes, i mean like, NOOOOOW, go go shoooh, oh yah, the attendees, cuak, muz, fafa, farah,fatyn panjang syiqa, nasyrah indon, and the most handsome of them all, yours truly B-)

btw, shit ah korg, serbu rumah shira x bg tau grr "-_-

then went to masjid paroi, asar, muz imam, and then , err, pg stadium ah ape lagi. okay, so harini, err, jap, 1,2,3,4,5,...8,.. err i think a few belas la came, had fun, played rugby , touch tap ape haram tah namo eh, i got 2 triesss! tu kira mcm goal la, fyi, mwehehehe, and and ramai yg tergolek, safwan@tambun, libau, err sape tah lagi, oh and libau gave bato a headbutt, resulting in bato seeing 8 fingers on my hand, and then libau got headbutted by the ball, thus making dollah laugh maniacally

kena balik awal, BEN 10, bapak ah weh, makin lame makin best mweheheh, and that's it i think, yeah, that's it. i'm done, finished, zip, stop hisan stop. bye bye