Friday, July 17, 2009

Malaysia XI vs Manchester United

kickoff ; 5.30pm local time.

just a few more hours till kickoff. okay, so yesterday, the training session was awesooomeeee! rooney was like soooo shrek-ish gaah. besides that, iwas inside a mexican wave for the first time yesterday ! :D the atmosphere, bapaaaaaaaakkk aaahhhhhhh! "ROONEY!ROOONEY!ROONEY!" "GLOOOORY,GLOOORY MAN UNIIIIITED, !" video ade, nnt la,
what else err,
yeah, so bertolak from rumah to bukitjalil, pukul 2, sooo, sampai 3 camtu la :D

gate ; red
seat row ; j
seat number ; 27

that's it kot, updates later,

peace out