Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ze new shirt

i draw when i'm not happy :)

okay soo, life hasn't been a bed of roses for me lately, with the effingly bad mid year results, 3Bs, and 5Cs i guess, so , HISAN! START STUDYING YOU LAZY TWIT! and the personal problems and so on, but at least i still have my friends for me to ya know, tell them stuff hihi.

anyways, the shirt clearly shows a head, with it's brain chunks oozing out or something like that, and as you can see, the facial features are like melting or some sort, and the hand showing the peace sign was just for fun, and at the back of the shirt i worte LAME , which shows the state of mind i am in at the moment FYI. i used fabric markers to make this. and it took me like half an hour to draw and colour and iron the shirt? yeah, half an hour! woohooooo! while re-doing my KH folio, yeah, i know, i RuLEzZsZ~! erh "-_-

anyhoooo, the teachers are reading our blogs? cool! hye cikguuu! :) saya pandai kan menulis hihi , kay kay, sambung cite, transformers;revenge of the fallen is premiering tommorow! so chances are, i'll skip school just so that i can watch the movie hihi kidding. i was kidding everyone! kidding! *crickets* . so , tommorow, err, cuak said something big's gonna happen, and i don't know what the hell he was talking about, but hey cuak! the hyphothesis is comfirmed! LOL, :) and ariff got the daily beating, and yeah, he brok his zipper today, and he didn't wear a belt today, clever kau awiff comeeyyyy ;) so he was like holding covering his zippy place the whooooleeee day =)

oh, almost forgot, the exchange students from bukit tinggi have arrived, so, yeah, welcome to Malaysia ! :D err, wow, it's been a while since i last made an effing long post, eh ni kira panjang la niiii! :)

chow chin ching :)


amirah ruzaimi said...

fuyo. saya pun nak buat tshirt macam ituu :D

Ahmad Hisan said...

jom ! :D buat clothing line lol