Saturday, June 13, 2009

pegi la kau nak sangat "-_-

after all these years, he's leaving, for 80 million pounds, and here's a list of what other stuff you could do with 80 million pounds,

  • As many as 1.31 million Apple iPhones.
  • You can buy 93 Bugatti Veyron cars, each costing 850,000 pounds ($1.4 million).
  • It can fly a person to the International Space Station three times, with spare change of more than 15 million pounds.
  • You can buy a Big Mac for the entire population of Canada.
  • It can buy around 138,000 ounces of gold.
  • It could buy you 80 per cent of the 100 million pounds being sought for the purchase of English Championship (second division) club Newcastle United.
as i was saying, err, what was i saying? err ......nevermind "-_- so yeah, i wish you a hell of a career playing with the galac-tikus and their gay studded line up, and have a wonderful herpes full life with paris hilton ;)


Shahira Zainul said...

Bye bye CR , tak ada lagi la man u nak score lepas ni , HAHA , gurau ye bang , HAHA

FLMP™ said...

wow, very the harsh. youchh! ;p
where did u get them facts pn?
semangat much? :D

Ahmad Hisan said...

shutup shira, flmp; yahoo sports :D